Equal partnerships

MIVA supports projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America with means of transport and communication. We focus on healthcare and education. Find out how we support our projects through collaboration with our Strategic Partner Organizations.

Since 2015 MIVA collaborates with the Liliane Foundation. Together we work with Southern partners on the basis of equal relationships. Our Strategic Partner Organizations (SPOs) in 24 countries have different tasks, powers and responsibilities. They have an autonomy to make decisions for policy and programme development, and responsibility to coordinate and build the capacity of the network of local partner organizations.

Applications cannot be submitted to MIVA directly, but are submitted through the strategic partners of MIVA and the Liliane Foundation.

In order to provide means of transport and communication in a more programmatic, structural and inclusive way, all MIVA expenses are being managed by the local strategic partner organizations of MIVA and the Liliane Foundation since 2018. By joining forces, both foundations can work more effectively and have a bigger impact.

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